I am a trained cellist and PhD (major: music education). My starting point is an insider's knowledge of the work of performing artists. I have substantial experience as a cello teacher, as a lecturer and as a performance coach. During the pandemic I studied sport psychology at Jyväskylä Open University and currently Baroque Cello and Viola da Gamba at Novia University of Applied Sciences.

I have worked in the Sibelius Academy for several years, as a lecturer of performance coaching. I have also kept in contact with people who perform, study and teach music in Finland and abroad, be it in small town adult education centres or international music academies. My work has provided me with a comprehensive view of what various groups of musicians may experience and require.

I have worked with classical musicians and singers as well as jazz musicians, folk musicians, and pop and rock musicians. People in all these groups experience performance anxiety. My course participants have included students and teachers from most European countries, North and South America, Australia, Russia, the Far East and some African countries. I can only conclude that individual factors seem to be more key than nationality. It is surprising how quickly a group in which each person has a different linguistic, cultural and educational background, find common ground regarding this topic.